RF Materials Co., Ltd. is a Materials and Components Specialized Company. We are providing packages and solutions to various industries with the best technology.

We established in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do in 2004
We started supplying products to various fields based on dissimilar materials bonding technology.
Since then, based on continuous growth, we did M&A with our parent company RFHIC in 2017.
We successfully listed on the KOSDAQ firstly in December 2019, it was the first listed company among Materials and Components Specialized Company.

We are have own additive ceramic manufacturing process, heat sink manufacturing process, Dissimilar materials bonding process, and plating process, and supplying the highest quality with high reliability because we manufacture products with In-house system.
We are constantly developing technologies to become the global No. 1.
Especially, We are the best in Korea for the glass sealing, metallizing, and brazing technologies for Dissimilar materials bonding.

We, RF Materials Co., Ltd. developed and mass-supplied optical communication packages for the first time in Korea.
In addition, we are developing and supplying in various business areas such as packages for the laser, infrared detection packages included RF(Radio Frequency) transistor packages.
Recently, we are expanding the supply of components to industries such as laser modules, automobiles, medical care, and X-rays, and developing packages for future markets such as aerospace.

We, RF Materials Co., Ltd., will do our best to supply with fast delivery and competitive prices.





  • Take-off Stage
  • Growth stage
  • Market entry stage
  • Beginning stage


  • 2022

    Certified Excellent Technology Enterprise (NICE D&B)

    New CEO Nam Dong-woo

    Achieved US$5M annual exports

  • 2021

    Selected the material component technology development project

    Metal life → RF Materials Co., LTD.

    Certified World class product

    Certified Korea special process

    Designated Advanced Technology Center

  • 2020

    Expanded Transfer of Multi Layer Ceramic Line (Second plant, Ansan-si, Wonsi-dong)

    RF Systems Acquisition(Share 64.4%)

  • 2019

    Awarded as future growth engine business for material and part

    Appointed as global competitive company

    Certified KS Q ISO 9001:2015 certification

    IATF16949 Certified

    Designated Inno-Biz

    Enlisted in KOSDAQ (Korean Stock Market)

  • 2018

    Certified Venture Company

    Certified Material-Component Specialized company

    Awarded as a company of national merit for Parts & Materials

    Achieved 3.25 million dollar in export

    Set up Ceramic Green Sheet line

    Appointed as Gyeonggi-do Star company


  • 2017

    Designated the Promising Small and Medium Enterprise in Export in Gyeonggi-do

    M&A with RFHIC

    Contracted Overseas export techniques(Technology Transfer) $1M

  • 2016

    Appointed as specialized root company

    Set up the extension plating line (2nd factory]

  • 2015

    Set up Multi-layer ceramic line

  • 2014

    Expansion of factory to 3,300㎡(2nd factory)

  • 2013

    Started mass production of RF Power T/R PKGs

    Achieved 2 million dollar in export

  • 2012

    Selected electronic trading frontier enterprise in Gyeonggi-do

    Constructed Ceramic Metallizing


  • 2011

    Awarded as Outstanding Export Company by Gyeonggi-do

  • 2010

    Awarded as Outstanding Innovation Company by government

    Moved to new owned factory in Banwol Industrial Complex of Ansan-city

  • 2009

    Awarded as Million dollar Export Company by government


  • 2007

    Established R&D center

    Changed into Corporation

  • 2005

    Moving the factory to Sihwa Industry Complex

  • 2004

    Established Metallife in Hwasung-city, Korea


ESG Business Policy


Management Excellence

  • Waste Reduction
  • Optimizing Inventory Management
  • Reduction Recall Cost

Risk and Regulatory Response

  • Reduction Environmental Effects
  • Improving the working environment of workers and maintaining employment
  • Information Protection
  • Responding to domestic and international regulatory and social needs

Customer Trust and Growth Goals

  • Strengthen customer trust[co-growth]
  • Managing Company Reputation [Management decision based on Business Environment/customer’s attitude changing]
  • Increasing Investors Trust
  • Quality Improvement [Sustainable Product Market Opportunities]
  • Social Contribution